OneVision COVID-19 Information Center

OneVision created a great COVID-19 Information Center for their partners and have opened it up to the public for free.

OneVision Resources has been actively developing usable templates, samples, and resources for their Partners to navigate COVID-19. They’ve now made it available to the public to freely access. These resources help integrators adapt quickly with internal, client-facing, and financial plans to manage the immediate crisis and the changes underfoot. It includes the items below and a growing list of other resources:

Financial Response Plan
* Client-Facing Response Plan
* Internal Response Plan
* Recommended Client Assistance Program and Email Announcement

Templates + Policies
* Template Letter to Government Officials re: Shelter in Place and Including Integrators as Essential Service Providers
* Template Client Questionnaire pre Site Visit
* Template Work from Home Policy
* Template Daily Update to Keep Remote Teams Engaged