Hatfield, PA

World Wide Stereo sells and installs CE products and solutions including everything from “New Audio” wireless solutions to whole house automation, audio/video, lighting and shade control and enterprise grade networks. Offering solutions to residential and commercial markets, founder Bob Cole borrowed $16,000 from an old fashioned local bank and leased a 1,600 square foot building on a handshake. Doing all the original construction himself, he hired a couple of people toward the end of 1979 (who are still with him). Today, World Wide Stereo is a PRO member of ProSource. Bob additionally serves on the ProSource Board of Directors and dedicates his time volunteering with several non-profit organizations.


The extra revenue benefits are enjoyable, however, being a member in ProSource is more about the company you keep. You are never alone. I can sit in meetings with guys who are my daily competition yet we all recognize the value of protecting our channel and of taking care of each other. We all want to see each other succeed – and that is very valuable.”

Bob Cole, Founder and CEO, World Wide Stereo

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