Bjorn’s Audio Video Home Theater
San Antonio, TX

Bjorn Dybdahl founded Bjorn’s Audio Video in 1975 with himself and another employee who handled buying. Today, San Antonio-based Bjorn’s has grown to 65 employees at what is now the destination showroom location for the South Texas area for consumers and manufacturer demonstrations. As a successful retailer; Bjorn contributes his success to great people to work with and an installation department which sets them apart from the competition.

In 2012, Bjorn was inducted into the CE Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.


“When I first joined the group in 1998, we benefitted greatly from engaging with other members. And, as the group has expanded in size, the value of member collaboration continues to increase. For us, being in ProSource is all about the collaboration we enjoy with the other members.”

Bjorn Dybdahl, President, Bjorn’s Audio Video Home Theater


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