Consumer Technology Association Government Affairs Update

March 30, 2020

White House Updates
White House Signs CARES Act. On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The CARES Act seeks to help stabilize the economy by providing financial assistance to American workers, health care providers and small businesses. In a statement, CTA’s President and CEO Gary Shapiro noted “this is an extraordinary time when we must put the needs of Americans’ health and well-being above philosophical principles.”

Congressional Updates
CTA Supports Congressional Efforts to Halt Tariffs. On March 26, 2020, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) along with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) led a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asking tariffs be “deferred for at least 90 days and, more broadly, until the companies paying them can emerge from the ongoing crisis.” CTA expressed support to “protect US businesses from additional costs during this period of economic stress.”
There are no congressional hearings scheduled, and access to the U.S. Capitol complex is limited.

Regulatory Updates
DHS Releases Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, Includes CTA
Recommendations. On March 26, 2020, CTA sent a letter to the Cybersecurity and
Infrastructure Security Agency requesting updates to its “Guidance on the Essential Critical
Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response.”
CISA issued its revised guidance on March 28, 2020, which included CTA’s recommendations
aimed at ensuring continuity of services for engineering test labs and product certification bodies, workers who support manufacturers and supply chain vendors and workers supporting the construction of global IT infrastructure.

Upcoming Regulatory Meetings
March 31, 2020: March 2020 Open Commission Meeting (ONLINE). Federal Communications
April 23, 2020: April 2020 Open Commission Meeting. Federal Communications Commission.
July 21, 2020: FTC PrivacyCon 2020. The Federal Trade Commission is hosting its fifth
annual PrivacyCon on July 21, 2020. The call for presentations seeks empirical research
addressing several issues, including the risks to consumer data, particularly data held by health

State and Local Updates
CTA Files Comments on Modified CCPA Regulations. On March 27, 2020, CTA submitted a
letter to the California Attorney General commenting on the second set of modifications to the
proposed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations. CTA previously explained, “since
the CCPA was signed into law, companies of all sizes have raced to establish processes, policies,
and systems to come into compliance.” For many, this effort has already been a significant,
challenging and expensive initiative. CTA supported those changes in the initial set of
modifications that sought to reduce some of the confusion regarding businesses’ regulatory
requirements. In its March 27, 2020 letter, CTA recommended additional changes to “provide
more clarity and predictability for the many businesses that have implemented CCPA
requirements in good faith.”

CTA Writes Alaska Legislature on Chemicals Bill. On March 18, 2020, CTA submitted written
comments in opposition to AK H.B. 27 to every member of the Alaska House of
Representatives. If enacted AK H.B. 27 would ban all products containing organohalogen flame
retardants and antimony which are found in printed circuit boards and various other internal
components of electronic casings. The Alaska Legislature remains in session (given they have
strong telework experience due to the remote nature of the state) but is focused primarily on
COVID-19 response.

CTA Events
March 31, 2020: March Government Affairs Council (GAC) Call. Our next GAC call is
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST. Dial-in: 929-436-2866. Conference Code: 993425105.
Or use this link to access Zoom. Please click here for the minutes. The agenda will be emailed
out separately.

Update on Upcoming In-Person CTA Events: With the coronavirus outbreak expanding in the
U.S., companies are halting travel, avoiding group gatherings and figuring out the best way to
protect employees and serve customers. CTA wants to help our Members plan effectively
during this critical time, so we are canceling all or part of several near-term 2020 events
including CES on the Hill and the Digital Patriots Dinner. This will allow our Members to focus on
core operations, plan ahead and conserve resources. See full details here.

Upcoming CTA COVID-19 Webinars
April 1, 2020 (2 PM EST): Coronavirus Legislation: What it Means to Employers. The federal
government has been taking unprecedented action to aid employers and employees that are
being negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This action includes the quick passage
of two pieces of legislation that change the legal landscape for employers as they attempt to
make difficult decisions regarding their workforce and businesses. We will discuss the
requirements of the law, best practices, and dive into frequently asked questions surrounding
its applicability and implementation. This webinar will also discuss how the Coronavirus Aid,
Relief, and Economic Security (“CARES”) Act may impact decisions that employers must make
about their workforces. This law provides stimulus loans to small business employers who are
able to maintain their payroll through this crisis and expands unemployment to workers who
may not have otherwise qualified. This Act will factor into employers’ equations regarding
employees as the crisis continues. Register Now.
April 2, 2020 (1 PM EST): COVID-19: How CTA Members Can Manage Business Continuity. We’re only a few weeks into this unprecedented health crisis domestically. With an uncertain timeline ahead of us, how can CTA members adapt quickly to this shifting reality?
Managing working capital and liquidity as well as leading your employees effectively are critical
short-term priorities. Join us for a webinar with CTA members OperationsInc and Grant Thornton as they provide guidance on these important issues to help members cope with the
crisis. Register Now.

CTA in the News
Video Streaming, Contactless Grocery Delivery Use Soars Amid cOVID-19 Outbreak, CTA Study Finds. As millions stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, American households areembracing a major lifestyle shift – by consuming video streaming services at a higher rate and
adopting newer tech solutions such as contactless food/grocery delivery and fitness apps for
their daily needs, according to a new study by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. –
March 27, 2020

Hugh Hewitt Show. CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro was featured on the Hugh Hewett Show saying that “tech is going to be the one to pull along the U.S. economy to get us out of
this mess, in addition to a cash infusion from this legislation. We have the best companies in
the world. And if they can continue to serve people around the world and employ a lot of
Americans and others, that would be a great thing. In terms of what the tech industry is doing –
so much, obviously, for people including me who at this point guard are not going to the office.
We’re doing everything right by telework. And so many companies are helping us do that –
Google, Microsoft, Adobe and others.” – March 25, 2020

8 US States Follow DHS in Naming ‘Blockchain Managers’ as Essential Employees in
Coronavirus Crisis. Nathan Trail, Director, Technology Policy and State Legislative
Affairs, was quoted in Condesk and Bitcoin Exchange Guide on blockchain. “One thing that we
forget with IOT, blockchain, algorithms and so forth is there’s still a very human element that’s
necessary in tracking and monitoring the systems to ensure they’re maintained as they should
be.” – March 24, 2020

ABC TV. Rick Kowalski, Sr. Manager, Industry Analysis and Business Intelligence, was featured on ABC-TV Washington: “A new laptop may come with a better camera, so you can interface with your co-workers. Some people prefer to connect their laptop to a larger monitor, so they can see more of their screens… If you’re in sections in your home with weak wi-fi signal, you may want to either get an extender – or, there are these while-home wi-fi solutions, ‘mesh networks’ they’re called.” – March 24, 2020

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