ProSource Co-President Jim Ristow Named Top-10 Leader in Consumer Electronics by DealerScope’s “CE Leaders that Rock”

“It’s an honor to be recognized by DealerScope, a magazine that I have immense respect for,” says Ristow. “I’m also tickled to be caricaturized alongside the other ‘Fab 10’ on the cover, company that I’m privileged to stand alongside.”

The chosen leaders were all nominated by retailers, manufacturers, and the CE community at large. According to DealerScope, CE Leaders that Rock are those who “aren’t afraid to turn the volume up and who have the drive to go farther and do better—executives who are as good for the business as the business is for them.” They are also recognized for their foresight and ability to inspire and motivate their business associates and employees.

“Jim Ristow’s experience in the consumer electronics industry spans more than 25 years. He is the visionary of ProSource’s Expert Warehouse, the group’s product-fulfillment solution and a Top 10 vendor account listing alongside major national retailers. As co-president of ProSource, Ristow analyzes the consumer electronics industry, picks winning and losing technologies and retail trends, and advises membership on strategic solutions,” says DealerScope magazine. “For Ristow, the CE and integration industries have always been about the people. It’s only fitting, considering 500-plus members make up ProSource, the largest CE buying group in the country.” To read the complete article, visit:

About ProSource

Founded in 2011, ProSource is a cooperative, member-owned, not-for-profit buying group that includes members of the former Home Entertainment Source (HES) and PRO Group. With retail sales of more than $3.1 billion, ProSource is the largest specialty and consumer-electronics merchandising group in the United States, which allows it to negotiate stronger programs with manufacturers, helps independent retailers stay relevant to consumers, and keeps the specialty A/V channel competitive. ProSource currently represents more than 500 retailers and custom integrators. For additional information go to:

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