ProSource E-Commerce Meetings Help Members Embrace…

“The changing face of retail is something that members need not only embrace, but also to understand completely,” said Dave Workman, president/CEO of ProSource and president/COO of PRO Group. “This two-day meeting allowed ProSource to outline best practices and will help members optimize e-commerce and the mobile shopping experience.”

At the meetings, members also brainstormed social media influence on the commerce experience, with members leaving armed with valuable information on how to improve operations going forward. “The exchange of ideas, especially around mobile and user experience, is where [we] garnered the most takeaways,” said Dave Weisman of Huppin’s/OneCall. “The importance of social marketing to drive retail store awareness was not far behind.”

The response from ProSource members was overwhelmingly positive: Phil Murray of ListenUp commented, “E-commerce is moving at a lightning pace. The ProSource meeting was a great opportunity to share the latest trends and strategies to enable members to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

“These meetings provide a unique and valuable forum for discussing today’s rapidly changing online environment with other CE retailers,” added Todd Cabell, Crutchfield.

Attendees included: Kris Dybdahl, Bjorn’s; Todd Cabell, Crutchfield; Jay Figliolino, Electronics Expo; Andy Orozco, ProSource; Dan Syme, Hi-Def Lifestyle; Phil Murray and Lolly Walker, ListenUp; David Keith and Dave Weisman, Huppin’s/OneCall; David Workman, ProSource; Ann-Marie Hosler, Starpower; Sergio Rodrigues and Evan Winokur, Talk of the Town; Wes Froebel and Nick Pirk, Stereo Advantage; and Emily Cole, Fern Rutberg and Bill Hettinger, World Wide Stereo.

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